History Club

The next meeting of the History Club will take place during the 2015 Congress in Cardiff.  The History Club meeting usually contains presentations on the topic of the history of paediatric surgery.

The International Society of the History of Paediatric Surgery (ISHPS)

We are happy to inform you that the International Society of the History of Paediatric Surgery (ISHPS) has been part of the BAPS meetings on a bi-annual basis for more than 30 years.  The found of the this society is J Molenaar from Rotterdam and since the late 1900’s Robert Carachi from Glasgow and SN Cenk Buyukunal from Istanbul organise these bi-annual meetings with the great support of the BAPS Executive.

Let us remind you about some important things relating to the history of paediatric surgery.

“History is not the past, but a map of the past from a particular point of view to be useful to the modern traveller.”

Henry Glassie

“There is nothing new in surgery not previously described.”

Mr Durham Smith

The history of paediatric surgery is important not only for ourselves but as a legacy for future generations to come.  History documents the operations that we perform routinely nowadays when they were first introduced as innovations as well as the discovery of new methods and techniques.

This coming year in 2015 we hope to have a variety of papers for the History Club in Cardiff.  We would like to inform you about an important development in the History Club.  Besides the traditional ISHPS Bronze Medal that is awarded to the best presenter at the meeting, we will be awarding a runner-up prize to receive the textbook of the History of Surgical  Paediatrics (Carachi-Buyukunal-Young Editors).

Criteria for selection for the History Club Meeting

The main criteria for the selection of the best papers are as follows:

  1. It should be related to a paediatric subject, preferably paediatric surgery
  2. It should be original – this is extremely important
  3. Presentation should include original descriptive slides and pictures.  The presentation usually should not take longer than 15 minutes.

So why don’t you send an abstract of an article that you might have been involved in which has a historical interest and try and with the medal or one of the books that is being presented as a prize.

Robert Carachi (Chairman of ISHPS)

SN Cenk Buyukunal (Secretary of ISHPS)

Please email your paper submission (which should be a maximum of 300 words) to Cenk Buyukunal