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TriPS Representatives

TriPS Reps

Trainees are represented by two national trainee representatives and a network of trainees (TriPSnet) representing individual regions/centres and specific interests.

The national representatives usually serve for two years, overlapping for continuity and sharing the responsibility of running TriPS. They represent trainees in various capacities but TriPS can do a lot more thanks to the contributions of many other trainees.

The TriPS reps attend meetings of the Paediatric Surgery Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC), the BAPS executive, Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) council and other bodies as necessary to represent the interests of all trainees in paediatric surgery.
If you want to know more contact your local TriPSnet or the national rep by emailing

Our current reps are:

Ceri Jones

ST6 Paediatric Surgery
Southampton, UK

Kathryn Ford

ST3, Oxford
Kathryn is the new ASiT rep

Ceri Jones
Kat Ford