Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

7th UKPCG Meeting  

Please note this meeting is for UK consultants and senior trainees with an interest in colorectal only.

07 Dec

9:30 am - 3:30 pm

G Floor, Martin Wing, Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds, 7th December 2017

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Agenda for the 7th Meeting of the UK Paediatric Colorectal Group

Please note this meeting is for UK consultants and senior trainees with an interest in colorectal only.

Chair: Ian Sugarman

1. Arrival from 9.30am (Coffee and Pastries) 

2. Welcome 10.00am (IDS)

3. Administrative issues (Richard England – outgoing Secretary)

  • Selection of the new Secretary
  • Meetings in 2018 – Dates/site
  • Any suggestions for changes to format of Meeting / Group
  • Update on website, online discussion and document repository
  • NICE Peristeen Consultation. UKPCG report. (RJE)

4. Presentations 10.30-13.00

a) The GOS Cloaca Clinic:  Abraham Cherian and Joe Curry (45 mins)

b) The Newcastle Cloaca Clinic: Bruce Jaffray (15 mins)

c) Case presentation from Alder Hey – an unusual case of cloaca. Felicity Arthur (15 mins)

11.45 Coffee break 

d) The Ohio experience : Richard Wood (30 mins)

e) Approach to stratifying cloaca patients, tissue engineering and tissue expansion projects – Jonathan Sutcliffe  and guest speaker (30 mins)

Lunch 13.00-13.45

Afternoon Session 13.45- 15.45: Chair – Mr Jonathan Sutcliffe

5. IBD Surgery

a) The changing face of surgery in children with IBD – the Leeds experience.

Ian Sugarman (15 mins)

b) The Adult experience of IBD surgery.

Dermot Burke (Adult Colorectal Surgeon, LTHT) (45 mins)

c) Dilatation and stent placement in stricturing Crohns disease – three cases.

Ian Sugarman (15mins)

6. Case presentations –

  1. An unusual cause of large bowel obstruction – Anna Radford
  2. Left sided colitis – a tricky customer – Felicity Arthur
  3. Aggressive perianal Crohns disease – Felicity Arthur
  4. Management of a rectal stricture – Claire Clarke (IS presenting)

15.45 -Closing Remarks (RJE)

Post meeting – BAPS Winter Council, 4.00-7.00pm, LGI


Dinner:  Thai Edge – 8pm 


8th December – BAPS Winter Meeting, joint with BSPR – venue – ‘The Studio’ Leeds