• 15th May 2017
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Venue: Quincentenary Building, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


Aims: This course aims to enhance the skill base and confidence of paediatric surgical trainee’s in the early years of training.

Learning Outcomes: On completion of the course, participants will have consolidated basic surgical skills of knot-tying by hand and instrument. They will also be able to discuss/demonstrate the principles of a small bowel anastomosis and have an individualised formal PBA assessment. Laparoscopic tissue handling and suturing skills will be practised. Participants will demonstrate technique of open line insertion and vascular control with regard to the neonate. Dissection of the neck to locate and isolate the oesophagus will be performed and this will be supported by teaching of neck embryology and anatomy. Chest wall anatomy teaching will aid the practical demonstration of a thoracotomy followed by an oesophageal anastomosis akin to the neonatal TOF operation. Lastly, participants will be able to demonstrate a simulated neonatal laparotomy and fashion an ileostomy and Stamm gastrostomy.

Course Conveners
– Miss Amanda McCabe & Mr Fraser Munro

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