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Paediatric Surgery on the Web

The educational value and potential of internet-based resources is huge – though you still have to read, and /or listen and inwardly digest !   Now, there are a number of resources geared to the aspiring or established paediatric surgeon.  I want to highlight two –  one professional and one amateur.    Both are loaded with value and enable a decent education reward. 

GlobalCastMD  is a shiny, multimedia website set up by Dr Todd Ponsky, formerly of Akron, Ohio and now of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.   Under the heading “Stay Current in Surgery” There are about 25-30 surgical subjects ranging from the abdominal wall defects to Wilms tumours.   Todd acts as the interlocutor with a variety of big name surgeons on their favourite topics. For example Alberto Pena talks on cloacal exstrophy. He also reviews recent Journal of Pediatric Surgery papers, sometimes somewhat idiosyncratically.  There are some high-quality videos of surgery, usually minimally invasive, again performed by the guys that really know what they are doing. Steve Rothenberg on thoracoscopic lung resection for example.

Discover Paediatric Surgery is more laidback and a recent entry into the field of infomatics in our specialty.   It is run by Andrew Grieve, from Johannesburg in South Africa. Again, talks with experts are provided in the form of podcasts.  I feature in a couple of these and appreciate the background reading and detail that went into the actual recording.  The list of topics is not as extensive as its fellow but is certainly expanding.   Andrew also looks into more mundane matters of more relevance to the junior end of the market with talks on intravenous fluids and analgesia.

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