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Isabella Forshall

Isabella Forshall (1900-1989) was the second President of BAPS.  Isabella was associated for many years with the Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital (Alder Hey).  She was one of the principals who founded and developed the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons.  There is an eponymous lecture to mark her Presidency and this is delivered at the BAPS Annual Congress.

Isabella Forshall Lecturers:

1968 F Rehbein 1969 CD Benson
1971 F Soave 1974 A Prader
1976 RB Zachary 1979 AW Wilkinson
1981 PP Rickham 1984 A Jolleys
1986 J Lister 1989 JC Molenaar
1992 N Myers 1995 Neil Freeman
1999 A Rickwood 2003 C Nihoul-Fekete
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