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NOAH – hypospadias

We are currently running the National Outcome Audit of Hypospadias (NOAH) using the e-Dendrite platform (Dendrite Clinical Systems). All BAPS members are encouraged to enrol and enter data regarding their hypospadias practice.
If you do not have a log in and / or password please contact the BAPS office.

What is the database for?

  1. They will assist you in revalidation in paediatric surgery as each year you will receive a certificate confirming your participation in national audit. In addition you will receive a summary report of activity and in future you will be able to benchmark your activity with others.
  2. We will be able to use it to analyse outcomes for each condition and develop an evidence base for operative approach and technique.

How do I register?

All users must be BAPS members (BAPU members are able to become BAPS members at a discounted rate). Once registered you will be able to enter cases into the registry. Any queries about being registered should be directed to the BAPS office.

How do I enter cases?

When you log into NOAH you will be on the relevant main menu page. Click on ‘Enter Clinical Data’ and this will lead you to ‘My Patients’. If you are adding a patient, click on ‘ add a new case’. This will then lead you through a series of screens to record your data. If you have any problems please contact:

How about NHS number and mobile number?

It is possible to enter data without the NHS number but it is much better if we can register the NHS number as this will allow patient tracking in future. Similarly, the mobile phone number will allow electronic patient feedback forms to be sent. Consent and information forms for each condition are available below. Consent should be taken at the same time as operative consent. Please store the completed consent form within the patients medical record.

Download the consent form:
NOAH Consent Form

What about staged procedures?

You will see that there are options that ‘guide’ you towards the relevant data entry areas dependent on operative technique. Should there be problems please contact so that we can help.

What if there is a need for further surgery or a complication?

Simply select the initial episode and select ‘add complication’ or ‘surgery’. You will then be able to enter the relevant data.

What if the child had initial surgery at another hospital?

If registered, it will be possible to identify this patient on the main database by searching date of birth / date of procedure / location of surgery / NHS number. The complication can then be entered and will track back to the original surgeon / hospital.

How will this data be used?

At any time it will be possible to download your data. It will eventually be possible to benchmark your performance with national outcomes data in real time. In addition, BAPS / BAPU will in future publish outcome reports that summarize the data and make recommendations on the basis of this.

Can anyone access / request the data?

No. The database is secure. Furthermore, because BAPS is a private organisation it is not possible to request information using the Freedom of Information Act.

Is the data secure?

Yes. The data is held on NHS servers.

Do I have to pay?

No. The use of the database is included in the cost of your BAPS / BAPU membership.

What if I spot a problem with one of the databases?

The database has been trialled by a number of colleagues. If you have a problem or if you use a different procedure / dressing please contact and he will amend the database structure.

How will we know if everyone is playing fair?

The data will be cross-checked with Hospital Episodes Statistics data (UK) and ISD (Scotland) to look at surgical activity and outcomes in each centre by surgeon. This will allow long term outcome tracking in addition to ascertainment of the data.

What if I do not want to use the database?

This is your choice. However, participation in national databases is a prerequisite for revalidation. BAPS / BAPU reserves the right to inform your responsible officer of your non-participation.

I don’t do this type of paediatric surgery

Don’t worry. There will be more databases in future so that you will be able to record your practice.


  • Ian Sugarman
  • Anju Goyal
  • Chris Driver
  • David Marshall
  • Peter Cuckow
  • Stuart O’Toole
  • Mark Woodward
  • Nick Lansdale
  • Kate Billington
  • Peter Walton (Dendrite Clinical Systems)

Dear Members,

The Gastroschisis UK (GORUK) registry is now closed. Unfortunately after 2 years, we have found that the uptake of the Gastroschisis UK database has been extremely poor. In view of this, we have taken the step of closing the registry for now with the hope that it can be resurrected in future in a new and more user friendly format. I realise this will be disappointing for current users and any suggestions to improve uptake of Clinical Outcomes databases in general would be welcomed. Please contact