Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC)

Chair: Hany Gabra

Paediatric surgery is one of nine surgical specialties recognised within the UK and Ireland, each with its own SAC. This plays a key role in the development of postgraduate surgical training in the UK and Ireland and works to ensure that the training programme covers all aspects essential to train someone to the level of a day one consultant.







What Is The SAC Responsible For?

  • The surgical curriculum in line with the GMC’s “Excellence by design: standards for postgraduate curricula and the Generic professional capabilities framework”.
  • National selection and recruitment processes for core and specialty training entry.
  • Quality management and quality improvement of specialty training through a network of SAC Liaison Members (LMs)
  • Providing LMs at ARCP panels & appeals and at Specialty Training Committee (STC)
  • Advising on overseas doctors’ applications for Specialist Register via the CESR route.

How Do I Join?

Vacancies are advertised regularly in the BAPS newsletter and on the JCST website. Normally members are expected to serve for about 3-5 years and are usually well-established consultants with experience of regional ARCPs etc.

Current Composition of SAC (Dec. 2020)

Name Representing Liaison Region
Mr Hany Gabra Chair
Mr Alistair Dick CESR Lead
Mr A Aslam Simulation Lead

National Selection Lead

Mr A Dick CESR Lead
E logbook Lead
QA Lead
Mr Nigel Hall Academic Lead
Mr Alok Godse
Ms Fiona McAndrew  

Lead for National Selection


Ms A McCabe
Mr Stuart O’Toole Bullying and Harassment Lead
Ms Ashwini Joshi ISCP/Curriculum Lead
Trainee Representatives
Mr Christopher Driver Chair of Exam Board for Paediatric Surgery
Mr Sean Marven BAPS President
RCS Ireland Representative




Curated by Mark Davenport

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