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COVID-19 Information for Paediatric Surgeons

This page will be kept up to date. If we have missed any information or you spot anything which has been updated please contact the office.


COVID-19 Clinical Information Sharing Group

We have created a COVID-19 Clinical Information Sharing Group on our membership portal. You will need to be signed-in to access it:



Clinical guide for the management of paediatric patients during the coronavirus pandemic

Specialty guide paediatrics and coronavirus_V1_17 March

Data Collection

COVID-19 in Children

NHS England would like to collect data on all UK children (<18 years) admitted to hospital with suspected or confirmed COVID-19

S Kenny Letter for Paediatricians


There is an urgent need to understand the outcomes of COVID-19 infected patients who undergo surgery.

ESPGHAN Patient registry for IBD patients on immunosuppression


Guidance on remote consultations

Information for Trainees regarding training programmes

COVID-19 and plans for management of medical and dental training programmes


Laparoscopy/Thoracoscopy Guidance

BAPES guidance on laparoscopy/thoracoscopy in the context of COVID-19


UK Symptom Tracker

Allows people to self report sympoms and is available as an app. Go to for more information and to download.

Use of Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs with suspected or confirmed Covid disease

NSAIDs in Covid


How to run a webinar

General guidance on COVID-19