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We are delighted to welcome Umber Agarwal and Joanne Minford who are co-curating Fetal Medicine for us

Joanne Minford and Umber Agarwal

Umber Agarwal

I am a consultant in Maternal- Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. I have been working in this capacity for last 8 years. I have passion for teaching, learning and training and strongly believe in cross speciality learning and coordination. I enjoy the challenging prenatal multidisciplinary environment of fetal medicine and believe that with closely working together across various specialities, we can make a difference to the anxious journey of so many women, their unborn babies, and families when faced with a congenital anomaly requiring surgery after birth.

My main areas of interest are prenatal genomics, congenital fetal anomalies, fetal growth restriction, fetal echocardiography and neurosonography.

I am keen to explore latest developments in prenatal imaging technologies and try to apply them in clinical practice to improve patient experience and outcomes.

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