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K. Sampat  and P. D. Losty

Fetal medicine is a super-specialty enterprise and a technology-driven field. The growth and interest in fetal surgery can be largely attributed to advances in fetal imaging and bespoke instruments for in utero intervention. Previously fatal fetal conditions are now being treated using open surgery, minimally invasive procedures, and percutaneous fetal technologies. Several fetal conditions, including myelomeningocele and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, have been tested rigorously in RCTs. However, as the specialty of fetal surgery grows, a robust evidence base with long-term follow-up is obligatory for every procedure. This article offers an overview of fetal surgery and antenatal intervention. As more cutting edge therapies come into clinical practice, growing public opinion and medical ethics will play a significant role in the future of this multidisciplinary specialty.

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The University of New South Wales, Australia has the one of the best collections of audio and visual resources on normal and abnormal human development right from fertilization through to fetus, neonate and prenatal testing. It also has numerous teaching resources and short summaries of system development.

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