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The Journal of Pediatric Surgery – Subscription Discount for BAPS Members

The Journal of Pediatric Surgery is the premier journal in our field and has been since its founding in the 1960s. It continues to publish more than twice the number of papers of its comparative competitors with a class-leading impact factor of 2.5. It is published monthly and carries the BAPS congress issue together with selected papers from APSA, CAPS, PAPS and now IPEG.

The Journal is now offering a huge discount on annual subscription of:

· For print and online access: $150

[that’s only just over a hundred pounds at the current exchange rate!]

· For online-only subscription: $125

Remember the regular price of personal subscriptions is $850 for print and $735 for online-only access.

This discounted price is open to ALL BAPS MEMBERS – that is both associates and overseas members. To get this discounted price we ask you to contact the BAPS OFFICE ([email protected]) , who will confirm membership and notify the Journal’s subscription department.


Prof Mark Davenport

UK Editor, Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Email: [email protected]

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