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About TriPS

Trainees in Paediatric Surgery

TriPS is the primary source of information and advice for UK trainees in paediatric surgery on anything and everything to do with training in the specialty and more. We’re here to help you, whether you are interested in training, just starting or preparing to exit the training programme.

Who are ‘we’? Unlike many trainee societies, TriPS does not have a formal constitution, structure or even direct sources of regular funding. Any trainee in the specialty is considered a ‘member’ and we don’t have a subscription. That’s why TriPS needs you to make a difference.

We do encourage all trainees to take up associate membership of BAPS and become active in the national professional societies (BAPS, BAPU, BAPES). BAPS continue to generously sponsor our activities including the hosting of this website! We hope to bring more new content to the site as more trainees get involved in developing content.

TriPS started as an effort to get trainees talking. Being a small subspecialty with widely separated units it has been one of the few ways to connect with and share information with other trainees. Much of this happened through the original TriPS website and at the BAPS national training days.