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Davos Course 2024 Pediatric Surgery

06 Apr

Congress Center

Davos, Switzerland, 6th April 2024 - 9th April 2024

The Davos Course is the largest course on gastrointestinal surgery with over 300 participants from more than 25 countries since more than 40 years. Not only general and visceral surgeons in training but also all residents of all surgical fields as urology, gynecology or pediatric surgeons joined some course level within the last years.

In 2024 for the first time, we will start a pilot project with a module Pediatric Surgery, with focus on colorectal surgery. This course adresses pediatric surgeons as well as pediatric surgeons in training.

The pilot module will start parallel and partially together with Basic Course lectures and exercises. Furthermore lectures, interactive session and open as well as laparoscopic exercises focused on pediatric surgery and especially pediatric colorectal surgery will be offered.

Invited Guest Faculty:

  • Floris Ferenschild & Ivo de Blaauw (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  • Stefan Holland-Cunz (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Alejandra Vilanova (Madrid Spain)
  • Jan-Hendrik Goseman (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Carlos Reck (Vienna, Austria)
  • Kristiina Kyrklund (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Alessio Pini Prato (Alessandria, Italy)
  • Michael Stanton (Southampton, UK)

Participants within the pediatric surgery module will furthermore be offered the chance to join Virtual Reality as well as Robotic Surgery Training in their free time.


As places are limited in Advanced Course Modules be aware that reservation of your place is only given after payment! Please register EARLY!

BAPS Member will receive a 10% discount- please contact us to find out how to obtain your discount

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Paediatric surgeons can join the basic or intermediate course within their residency and many previously have, as the open and laparoscopic exercises are useful for every kind of surgical specialty. Also urologists and gynaecologists often join these course levels.