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Paediatric Advanced Cadaveric trauma surgery course

21 Nov


This course is directed by Suren Arul, a paediatric surgeon from Birmingham Children’s Hospital who has had considerable experience with both civilian and military trauma. The purpose is to bring the adult courses on the surgical management of major trauma to a paediatric surgical audience.

It consists of a two day hands on practical cadaveric workshop for Consultant Paediatric Surgeons, Children`s Orthopaedic Trauma consultants, adult surgeons with a major interest in paediatrics who may be required to perform surgery on patients suffering traumatic injuries.

  • Intensive two-day course
  • High faculty-to-participant ratio
  • Number of attendees limited to 12 dissector place and 12 non dissector places
  • Interactive classroom and cadaver instruction
  • Course dinner and all refreshments included.

Course includes

  • Exsanguinating hemorrhage
  • Traumatic cardiac arrest
  • Penetrating trauma
  • Damage control surgery
  • Be able to practice the operative principles of access & repair
  • Clamshell thoracotomy
  • Management of pericardial tamponade and penetrating cardiac injuries
  • Management of zone 1 to 3 neck injuries especially with regard to vascular injuries
  • Trauma laparotomy and abdominal packing
  • Medial visceral rotation
  • Management of liver injury
  • Laparostomy
  • Damage control approach to vascular injuries
  • Paediatric Major Trauma Case Scenarios
  • Human Factors Lecture: decision making under pressure

Further information:

Course Programme(946kB)

Application Form(874kB)