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Executive Committee member vacancy

There is a vacancy for an Executive Committee member to replace Professor Mark Davenport

In July 2015, Mark Davenport will be standing down from the Executive.  We are thus seeking a new representative for the South. Please submit a 300 word application to Kate on [email protected] by May 1st.  If more than one application is received then a vote will be held by all Council Members. If only one member applies, this will be accepted if agreed by the Executive. You can download a job description.

The Constitution of BAPS outlines the composition of the Executive Committee.

Constitution, rule 8: “The day-to-day business of the Association will be conducted by the Executive Committee; this will consist of seven members including the President, the President Elect, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.  One member will practice in Southern England or Wales, one in the Midlands or the North of England and one in Scotland or Ireland.”

Traditionally the regional split applies to the directly elected Executive members, rather than those sitting ‘ex-officio’.  With this in mind, nominations for the Executive Committee member vice Mark Davenport  should be from Southern England or Wales.

The Present members of the Executive Committee are as follows:-

Mr David Burge,  President (Southampton)

Mr Rick Turnock, Past President  (Liverpool)

Mr Simon Huddart, Honorary Secretary, until July 2015 (Cardiff)

Mr Ian Sugarman, CEO, From July 2015 (Leeds)

Professor Mark Davenport,  (London)

Miss Majella McCullagh, (Belfast)

Mr Bruce Jaffray,  (Newcastle)