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New Developments in the Paediatric Surgical Trainees Research Network (PSTRN)

The PSTRN is an active part of the UK surgical trainees scene with members in all training centres and a presence at all major surgical conferences. George Bethel (Southampton) is the new co-ordinator and chair of its core committee. Its principal achievement this year has been the publication of the results of the BLAST study in the European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery.
There are a whole host of other new projects on the go, including
• VACPA – Prospective audit of Vascular Access in Complicated Paediatric Appendicitis.
• DEFECT – detailed description of diaphragmatic defects in CDH, method of closure and outcomes.
• OPERA – Multicentre retrospective study investigating the management and outcomes of paediatric achalasia.
• PAC – Multicentre, prospective study of the management of post-appendicectomy collections in children.
They are always happy to welcome new members. For more information, please visit the website , Instagram (@pstrnuk), twitter (@pstrnuk) or email at [email protected].

• Paediatric Surgery Trainee Research Network. The Blunt Liver and Spleen Trauma (BLAST) audit: national survey and prospective audit of children with blunt liver and spleen trauma in major trauma centres. Eur J Trauma Emerg Surj. 2023; 49: 2249-2256.

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