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Sir Peter Tizard Research Bursary 2021-22

The British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is pleased to announce that we are inviting applications for Sir Peter Tizard Research Bursary and is looking to advertise this opportunity amongst clinicians in your specialty.

The BPSU facilitates epidemiological research into rare childhood diseases and conditions. The Tizard Bursary offers a spot of the BPSU reporting cards worth £21,000 for a 13-month surveillance with a £5,000 stipend for training purposes.

The bursary is open to paediatric trainees and newly qualified consultants wishing to undertake an epidemiological research study into a rare disease or condition that affects children and addresses a question of clinical or public health importance.  More details on the bursary can be found at


To be eligible for the bursary applicants must be:


·       be an RCPCH member, and

·       be a paediatrician working (at least part of their time) in the NHS who is a: specialty trainee (any grade), academic trainee, or new consultant (within three years of appointment to a consultant post).

·       The candidate must not have previously led a BPSU study.

·       The study team must not have previously submitted an application on the same topic for consideration by the BPSU scientific committee.

·       Any one candidate can only submit one application per year

·       Joint applications (ie where two applicants work together on a BPSU study under supervision and share the award) are acceptable.


The closing date for applications is Friday 15th October 2022.