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Campaign to raise awareness of dangerous toys containing super strong magnets and button batteries

The Child Accident Prevention Trust, The Children's Surgical Foundation and BAPS raise awareness of dangerous toys this Christmas
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Our surgeons have been reporting increasing numbers of children ingesting button batteries and super-strong magnets.

Sadly, we know from our colleagues overseas, that these preventable but potentially fatal injuries are happening across the world.

Outside our specialty, momentum is building:

As we approach Christmas in 2021, BAPS joins with The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and The Children’s Surgical Foundation (CSF) to keep children safe, by raising awareness of the dangers of super-strong magnets.

CAPT explains how to buy toys safely online and highlight super-strong magnets with our Honorary Secretary, Ashish Desai.

CSF urges parents not to buy toys with magnets this Christmas and report a five-fold increase in children swallowing magnets in the last five years. BAPS members Hemanshoo Thakkar and Caroline Pardy alongside our President, Munther Haddad contribute to the CSF news item which also has data from the South East of England.

We will be sharing your experiences on social media throughout December 2021.

To help us raise awareness, please share our flyer and our social media posts.



Shan Teo

Digital Manager

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