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Urology Update September 2020

In these COVID times, with direct interpersonal frowned-upon and international travel banned, we have to look at other innovative ways of getting the message across. Paediatric Urology has leapt from the starting gate with two virtual meetings and a really good educational website with loads of stored lectures …….

Webinar: Controversies in Hypospadias”

Ahmed Hadidi
Ahmed Hadidi

Saturday 10th October 2020; 14.00​

World experts discuss controversies in hypospadias – led by everyone’s favourite hypospadiologist –  Ahmed Hadidi, with Peter Cuckow from GOSH leading the UK contingent.



Meeting: ESPU 2020 Virtual Meeting:

Saturday, November 7- 2020 (9:30 AM – 7:00 PM CET)

This is full-day programme from the European Society of Pediatric Urology with a host of interesting lectures on topics including: Stones, Tips and Tricks, Spina Bifida, and Varicoceles.


Learning Resource: 

Prof. Hilary Copp

During the pandemic, Professor Hilary Copp of the University of California co-ordinated the Paediatric Urology faculty from across the USA and other places to deliver didactic sessions on Paediatric Urology with Q&A. These were streamed live but the videos and slides are still available on their website. This is a fantastic educational resource and very impressive group of lectures and speakers. A must for any trainee.


Mohan Gundeti
Mohan Gundeti

The UK-trained Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago, Mohan Gundeti gives one of the talks on “Robotic Ureteric Reimplantation”.





Curated by Mark Davenport – [email protected]


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