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Review of the LXVIII BAPS Congress in Birmingham (2022)

Professor Mark Davenport rounds up our 68th Congress and shares papers from the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Journal of Pediatric Surgery 2023; 58 (2).

Mark Davenport


Figure 1: Outside the Conference Centre – Birmingham (Founders of the Industrial Revolution – Mathew Boulton, James Watt and William Murdoch.)

Each and every BAPS congress has a long tail, rather like that of a comet, where papers briefly presented by poster or podium emerge in print ready for a wider audience.  These are there to be pored and picked over by excited readers around the world (MD review).

Just over 40 papers were submitted and 21 chosen for the Congress issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.  As in every year the mix was fairly eclectic, with papers from sub-Saharan Africa (Mazingi JPS COVID) and Brazil comfortably rubbing shoulders with those from less esoteric centres such as Sheffield and Camberwell. Some of the authors such as Marc Levitt from Washington DC and Darius Patkowski from Wroclaw, Poland Thoracoscopic approach for oesophageal atresia_ A real game changer_ _ Elsevier Enhanced Reader) will be well-known but others are perhaps contributing their first authorial offerings.

Anyway see what you think.  Comments and insights are always welcomed.








Report on the LXVIII meeting of the British Association of Paediatric
Surgeons (BAPS) (July 2022)(700kB)

Prof Mark Davenport

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on paediatric surgical volumes
in Africa: A retrospective observational study(1Mb)

Dennis Mazingi, Patricia Shinondoc, George Ihediwa, Kathryn Forde, Adesoji Ademuyiwaf, Kokila Lakhoo


Dariusz Patkowski


We also are pleased to present four other papers in this issue which are free to access:


The importance of pediatric trauma prevention: The work of Criança Segura – Safe Kids Brazil (2Mb)

Simone de Campos Vieira Abib Pages 198-203


Patient driven change: Is collaborative care the future of medicine? Lessons learned from the care of children with colorectal problems(7Mb)

Marc A. Levitt Pages 189-197


The long-term outcome following thoraco-amniotic shunting for congenital lung malformations(786kB)

Ancuta Muntean, Ramona Cazacu, Niyi Ade-Ajayi, Shailesh B Patel, ... Mark Davenport Pages 213-217


A randomised control trial using soap in the prevention of surgical site infection in Tanzania(462kB)

Godfrey Sama Philipo, Zaitun Mohamed Bokhary, Neema Lala Bayyo, Soham Bandyopadhyay, ... Kokila Lakhoo Pages 293-298


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