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50 Landmark Papers in Pediatric Surgery

50 Landmark Papers in Pediatric Surgery

Editors Mark Davenport, Bashar Aldeiri and Joe Davidson

CRC Press 2024

It has been a pleasure to review this book.

The book’s range of topics covered is vast and whilst one may think, in these days of sub-specialisation this may not be for every reader, the best Paediatric Surgeons and Urologists will want to have a knowledge and understanding of all areas.

For anybody interested in Paediatric Surgery this book is a must read. For the newbie trainee the book introduces the original papers in many aspects of our specialty, many written over forty years ago, but which remain perfectly valid to this day. Certainly, something I wish I had access to when I was starting out. For the more experienced trainee, this book will support preparations for exams, by not only listing some of the most important papers, but with the additional commentaries, giving them an objective assessment of the paper described. Even for Consultants nearing the end of their career, such as myself, this book is a fascinating read especially with the comments from the original authors that is given for context.

Whilst one may not agree every paper chosen, one would find it hard to argue with the vast majority, including the original paper on pyloromyotomy by Rammstedt (you will have to get the book to understand why I have said Rammstedt and not Ramstedt); Michael Gauderer’s paper on the percutaneous endoscopic technique for gastrostomy tube insertion; Adrian Bianchi’s paper on bowel lengthening (with commentary by himself); Pieter de Vries and Alberto Pena’s paper on the Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty; Morio Kasai’s operation for biliary atresia;  Donald Nuss’s paper on surgical correction of pectus excavatum; Peter Altman’s paper listing the classification criteria for sacrococcygeal teratoma, and Paul Mitrofanoff’s paper on his procedure for a catheterisable channel into the bladder. I could go on!

I have no hesitation on recommending this book as it delivers exactly what the title suggests, that is Landmark Papers that every Paediatric Surgeon should know.

Mr Ian Sugarman

BAPS President

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