Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

BAPS Exploring Collaboration with Medical Charities

15th November 2018

President Richard Stewart and Honorary Secretary Evelyn Ong hosted a meeting with representatives from CDH-UK, the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland, the Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance, TOFS and Mitrofanoff Support. The aim was to find common ground and ways of working in partnership to improve the quality of patient care. The intention is to collaborate in:

  1. Development of patient information resources
  2. Providing educational support for families and professionals
  3. Collaborate in standard setting for patient care
  4. Collaborate in clinical research

In order to find out how surgeons already collaborate with charities, we performed a survey of our members. Thirty eight surgeons responded. The majority have close ties with charities either through professional subspecialty interests or from personal experience. Surgeons actively engage in educational and family events and would be happy to see more collaborations both at home and overseas.

Following the results of this survey, we are entering further consultation with medical charities to identify specific projects in which we can be partners.

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