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Seeking a new Honorary Treasurer

Chair: Alex Lee
Chair: Alex Lee
Sadly, our current Honorary Treasurer Mr Alex Lee will be completing his 3 year term in office in July 2018. He has shown an exceptional ability for attention to detail and we are very grateful for his hard work.

We are now seeking expressions of interest in this post. There will be a 6 month handover period to ensure a smooth transition.You would need to be a Full GBI member of BAPS in good standing to be eligible to apply.

To apply, please submit a 300 word statement detailing your suitability for the post and the name of a proposer. Your proposer must be a full GBI Consultant Member of BAPS in good standing.
If there is more than one applicant for the post, there will be a vote conducted in accordance with our Constitution and your statement will be circulated to voters.