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Christopher Rance obituary

Christopher Rance has sadly passed away peacefully in Sydney, Australia, aged 82.

He was known and loved by many in our specialty. He was a decent, principled, piercingly bright, and sensitive man. Born in India and having spent a formative period in the British Army, he qualified at St Mary’s and then trained in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. He was a consultant Paediatric Surgeon in Canberra before moving back to the UK to take up a post in Nottingham.

His unstinting care for his patients, deep commitment to public medicine and intense dislike of pretension or ‘airs & graces’ characterised his practice. He had a clear sense that looking after someone else’s child was a privilege, in turn something he imbued across his firm. He loved his trainees and was deeply loyal to them. The number of people he inspired over the years was particularly evident when he retired. He had immense experience, particularly within Paediatric Urology, and would often think through difficult problems from first principles. He was a founding member of the BAPU.

His great sense of humour, affability and candour meant he had many friends both at work and at home. Sport was also important throughout his life. Having been a sprinter and rugby player when younger, he regularly played tennis and golf when older and was steadfast in support of the English cricket & rugby teams throughout.

His greatest love was for his family; his wife Jeannie, who very sadly passed away early in his retirement, and his three sons Jake, Jason, and Tim.

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