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National Pancreatitis Survey: BSPGHAN and BAPS




Figure: Dilated pancreatic duct in girl with hereditary pancreatitis.

Children with pancreatitis (acute, recurrent and chronic) are not commonly seen in our paediatric world, and there is little consensus as to who should take the lead in their management. A number of possible specialties are, of course, available including surgeons, paediatricians, gastroenterologists or even in some places hepatologists – either alone or in combination.  One of the problems not helped by unfamiliarity is the multiplicity of possible trigger or aetiological factors contributing to the disease, of which some may well be surgical and almost certainly correctable if searched for.


The British Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (BSPGHAN) and BAPS have designed a short questionnaire to try and identify the national picture of who does what in paediatric pancreatitis in the UK and what other ancillary specialties (e.g. pain services, nutritional support) may or may not be available.


Curated by Mark Davenport

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