Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

Ruth Hallows appointed to represent BAPS on Intercollegiate Specialty Board.

I have been a consultant paediatric surgeon at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton for 16 years and clinical lead for 12 years. During this time patient safety, maintaining high professional standards and training have been the cornerstones of my practice.

I have written questions for the part 1 of the intercollegiate exam in paediatric surgery since the inception in 2006 and I have been examining for the oral part of the exam for 5 years. I hosted the clinical part of the exam in March 2020.

I teach, train and assess surgeons and other healthcare professionals in my everyday practice and hold a MA in teaching in clinical settings.

As always I remain enthusiastic and motivated and look forward to working with the teams and we are prepared to meet the challenges the next few years will undoubtedly bring.