Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

Terms of reference


  • To provide educational advice to BAPS Executive, SAC in Paediatric Surgery and the Intercollegiate Board for Paediatric Surgery

Specific Objectives

  • To consider applications for BAPS recognition of educational meetings and conferences
  • To co-ordinate the running of national SpR Training Days, ensuring the educational value
  • To oversee the implementation of the curriculum, and promote its use
  • To update curriculum in light of evaluation reports and in response to national initiatives
  • To align training and education to needs of trainees and service
  • To advise on assessment methodology
  • To promote and facilitate Continuing Professional Development of practicing paediatric Surgeons

Reporting Mechanisms

  • Annual Reports to BAPS Annual General Meeting and Winter Meeting
  • Minutes of Committee available on the BAPS website
  • List of approved meetings on the Website


  • Chairman (elected from the membership of the Committee)
  • BAPS President (ex-officio)
  • BAPS representatives x2 serving 4 years (2 terms only)
  • RCS Paediatric Surgical Tutor
  • Academic representative/Intercollegiate Board representative
  • SpR trainee representative

Meetings are held 4 times a year (2 meetings face-to-face/ 2 meetings via telephone conference

Key relationships

  • BAPS Executive
  • SAC Paediatric Surgery
  • Intercollegiate Board in Paediatric Surgery
  • BAPS membership
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