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About BAPS Trauma Specialist Interest Group (TSIG)


Erica Makin


TSIG is comprised of paediatric surgeons who have an interest in paediatric trauma. There is representation from each of the Major Trauma Centres in the UK and Ireland.





Terms of Reference


· The role of TSIG is to bring Paediatric Surgeons with an interest in Trauma together to provide a forum for discussion.

· To provide a person of contact (Paediatric Surgeon) in each MTC in England and the devolved nations.

· To use the BAPS website as a platform for communication to its members including dissemination of information from National and Regional Paediatric Trauma working groups.

· To work collaboratively and by sharing expertise to enhance the care of paediatric trauma patients.

· To facilitate collaborative research and education.


· This terms of reference is effective from 06/02/23 and will be ongoing until terminated or amended by agreement of all members and BAPS Executive Committee.


· The TSIG comprises of representation from each of the MTC

· Each representative should be a registered member of BAPS

o Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow – James Andrews

o Royal Hospital for Children, Edinburgh – Phil Hammond

o Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children – Irene Milliken

o The Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle – Elizabeth O’Connor

o Leeds Teaching Hospital – Christopher Parsons

o Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool – Fiona Murphy

o Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital – Fraser Horwood

o Sheffield Children’s Hospital – Liz Gavens

o Nottingham Children’s Hospital – Richard Hill

o Noah’s Ark Childrens’s Hospital, Cardiff – Eniola Folaranni

o Oxford Children’s Hospital – Merrill McHoney

o Addenbrookes Children’s Hospital, Cambridge– Anna Long

o The Royal London Hospital – Stewart Cleeve

o Chelsea & Westminster Imperial College NHS Trust, London – Nic Alexander

o St George’s Hospital, London – Dean Rex

o King’s College Hospital, London – Erica Makin

o Bristol Royal Hospital for Children – Catherine Bradshaw

o Southampton Children’s Hospital – Ori Ron

o Children’s Hospital Ireland, Dublin – Sinead Hassett

Roles & Responsibilities

· The membership will commit to attending (in person/virtually) or nominate a proxy to 2 meetings per year of TSIG, which will be incorporated with summer and winter BAPS meetings.

· Sharing all appropriate communications across the relevant areas of their MTC.

· Notify members of the TSIG as soon as practical, if any matter arises which may be deemed to affect the development of the group.


· All meetings will be chaired by the current chair of the TSIG or a nominated person.

· A meeting quorum will be 50% of the members of TSIG.

· Decisions are made by consensus, if this is deemed not possible then the chair of TSIG has the final decision.

· Minutes of the meetings will be provided by a prior agreed member of TSIG and will be a shared responsibility within the group.

· If required subgroup meetings can be convened outside of the 2 annual meetings.



· This terms of reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by TSIG members.



Erica Makin

Chair Trauma Specialist Interest Group (TSIG)

British Association Pediatric Surgeons

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