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8th UKPCG Meeting, London

The theme of the day is Hirschsprung's Disease

25 May

Hospital Lecture theatre Weston House, Great Ormond Street

London, UK, 25th May 2018

This is the 8th meeting of the UK Colorectal group. Joe Curry is hosting this meeting and speakers are to be confirmed.

Theme – Hirschsprung’s disease

Faculty dinner

Thursday evening 24th May 

9.30 Update on research on enteric ganglia with options for future therapy – Nikhil Thapar

09.50 Utilising the zebra fish to identify genes whose defects result in Hirschsprung’s Disease – Tiffany Heanue, Crick Institute, London.

10.15 GI motility investigations pre and post reconstruction in HD – Stewart Cleeve 

10.45 break

11.05 Hirschsprung’s disease in the UK and Ireland: incidence and anomalies – Tim Bradnock

11.30 Hirschsprung’s Disease – consideration and planning for transition. Stefano Giuliani

11.50 Difficult cases in HD (free session with 5 mins for presentation and 5-10 for discussion)

Max 6 submissions

12.50 Lunch


Who has the best operation for HD (defend your procedure!)

14.00 Duhamel Simon Blackburn

14.20 Lap assisted Trans-anal Soave TBC

14.40 Entire Trans-anal (De La Torre) Bruce Okoye

15.00 Swenson Bala Eradi 

15.20 Floor discussion

15.45 Summary and close meeting

16.00 end


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