Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

BSPGHAN Research Working Group Gastro CSG Study Day

03 Oct

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Firth Hall

Sheffield, 3rd October 2019

Associates and Trainees Free Research Study Day: Entry Level Research

Guest Lecture Lane Greene The Economist, “Plain English” directed towards the Lay Scientific
Summary 1-2pm

Valuable and important research ideas quickly get lost in day to day clinical pressures, because you
don’t have the energy and head space to develop the project. If you had a few simple steps
consolidated in your mind, the goal becomes a sequence of achievable tasks. A few basic skills and
some practical could make the mountain in to a mole hill!
The highlight of the day will be the Guest lecture by Lane Greene, which will attract a large audience
from the larger academic community. Come and join us in the beautiful Firth Hall, University of
Multi-disciplinary team working is part and parcel of both clinical work, but also research. Both Allied
Health professionals and doctors need to have the same research skills and will undoubtedly involve
both working together in academic as well as clinical areas. This day is being carefully designed with
a highly experienced Research Design Service and will deconstruct the research process to enable
both medical graduates and AHPs to make the right first steps in research and build for a successful
BSPGHAN has sponsored this study day for both trainees and Allied Health professionals, to
particularly engage those new to research with a hope that it will enable the next generation of
professors and academics to lead in their field.
Sessions will include the following:
 Getting started
 Building a CV for research
 The Academic Toolkit
 Mentorship
 Project management in a full time clinical career
 Practical tips: Gant charts, deconstructing the research process and time management.
 Run through BSPGHAN start up application (£10,000 start up grant).
 What the start-up charities are looking for?
BSPGHAN Research Working Group CSG Study Day 2
 PPI involvement
 Ethics Applications
 Lay Summary and Plain English: Lane Green from The Economist will deliver this lecture and
is opened to the Academic community and to the NHS senior management around the South
Yorkshire region.


Free to Trainees and Allied health professionals. To register please e-mail:
[email protected]
As this is a free event, delegates will need to purchase their own lunch from the many local venues