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Paediatric Advanced Cadaveric Trauma Surgery (PACTS) Course for Surgeons 2021

Do you work in a Major trauma centre? Would you be confident to take a child straight to theatre to control massive haemorrhage from trauma? Could you cope with a mass casualty incident like the 2017 Manchester concert bombing? Have you attended a trauma course that takes you beyond the basics of ATLS /APLS?

18 Nov

Newcastle Surgical Training Centre

Newcastle, UK, 18th November 2021 - 19th November 2021


This course is a two day hands on cadaveric operative workshop for surgeons, anaesthetists and theatre nurses likely to be involved in the operative management of major trauma in children.
We combine team decision making and communication under pressure with operative techniques.
The operative techniques focus on management of truncal and junctional zone injuries. The lectures, discussions and case studies explore the principles of damage control surgery in children, working in  multi-specialty surgical teams and the human factors of managing under extreme pressure. Experience is shared from military and humanitarian surgeons as well as recent major incidents in the UK.

It is aimed at consultants and ST8 and above in paediatric surgery, orthopaedics, plastics and neurosurgery or adult surgeons with an interest in children as well as paediatric anaesthetists and theatre nurses. We encourage entire theatre trauma teams to attend together.


  • Fresh Frozen Cadavers
  • 12 CPD points
  • Intensive two-day course
  • High faculty to participant ratio
  • Faculty includes paediatric orthopaedic and vascular surgeons
  • Limited places
  • Interactive instruction
  • Course dinner and all refreshments included

Surgical flyer PACTS 2020(pdf)