Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

Simulation Enhanced Learning Course for Paediatric Surgical Trainees AKA Bootcamp Virtual

31 Aug


Online, 31st August 2022

  • Cost £260.00
  • To reserve a place email : [email protected]                         Tel: 0203 315 8610

Course Dates:  

  • 31st Aug (Online)  
  •  2nd September (In person)   

Course Objectives

This course is aimed at providing entry level Higher Paediatric Surgical trainees ST3 or those trainees returning after an extended leave of absence eg maternity or research, with an introduction/ revision of key skills and topics required for higher paediatric surgical training program in the UK and NI.


Topics Covered:

  • How to engage with the ISCP effectively
  • How to prepare for your ARCP
  • Running a ward round effectively / Learning how to prioritise
  • How to give an effective Rectal washout
  • How to do a suction rectal biopsy
  • Basic surgical skills eg bowel anastomosis & stoma formation
  • Managing the acute neonate from taking referral to booking case including transfer and liaising with consultant on call
  • Gastrostomy & jejunostomy tube management : tips and tricks
  • X-ray interpretation eg. NEC perforation , Upper GI contrast for Malrotation
  • Management of acute scrotum from referral to surgery
  • Management of intussusception reduction
  • Suprapubic catheters
  • Schwarz round
  • Difficult inpatient / outpatient scenarios / on call communication skills Practical hands-on Management of the patient with ingested foreign body