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Confidential Reporting System in Surgery.

“Let other surgeons learn from your experience”.

CORESS is an independent educational service, which was established in 2005 to promote safety in surgical practice, both within the NHS and in the independent sector. Any surgeon or surgical trainee, irrespective of specialty, can submit reports, in confidence to CORESS. Confidentiality is fundamental to CORESS.

Reports are quickly and easily made online at the CORESS website.

What CORESS can offer you

  • The satisfaction of contributing towards patient safety
  • A certificate of contribution for your portfolio and next appraisal
  • The opportunity to learn from the experience of colleagues

What you can offer CORESS

  • Reports about any near-miss, mishap or mistake from which lessons can be learned

You can see the latest CORESS report here.

See also the NHS England Never Events Task Force`

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