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Make no mistake, paediatric surgery training is a challenge. It is a long process and can be complicated by numerous issues, especially in the NHS and within a training scheme that changes rapidly.

So, it is good to be armed with the information need to navigate it as best as possible. We have tried to put together some link to resources that you may find yourself needing over the years.

If there is anything missing that you think important please let us know.


Out of Programme Training or Experience

Out of Programme Training by the Joint Committee on Surgical Training

RCS fellowship

Paediatric Surgery Fellowships

Less Than Full Time Training:

Less Than Full Time Training

Return to Work

Supporting doctors returning to training after time out

Returning to clinical practice after absence

Returning to work and your rights as a working parent

Supported return to training – The SuppoRTT Process

Study Budget Reforms

Study budget reforms

Study Leave Policy

Study Leave – An overview of the HEE-wide approach

Inter-deanery Transfers

Inter Deanery Transfers – NationalIDT

Career progression

Relocation Support

Policy for the reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses for doctors in training

Relocation trainee queries

Contracts and Employment


Well-being Support and Counselling

Counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students

Support for doctors

Counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students

Professional support and wellbeing

Bullying, Harassment and Undermining


Anti-bullying and undermining campaign

E-learning module:

Resources to help change the culture

Burn out

How to avoid burnout in the NHS – learning to pull your own oxygen mask down first

Burnout and surgeons


Stress Online Assessment Tool

Worried you may be burning out, drinking too much or nicotine dependent?​


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