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Denis Browne Gold Medal

The Denis Browne Gold Medal commemorates Sir Denis Browne (1892-1967), the first President of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. Sir Denis was one of the pioneers of British paediatric surgery and was associated for many years with the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street, London.

The award is made annually to mark outstanding contributions to paediatric surgery worldwide. The award is usually made at the Annual Congress.

How to nominate someone for the Denis Browne Gold Medal

To make a nomination, please submit the name of the person you wish to nominate with a short introduction of why you feel they are suitable, plus a mini-CV of the candidate. All nominations need to be supported by two proposers. We need all nominations to reach the BAPS office ([email protected]) by 31st December  at 5pm.

Previous winners
Year Award Year Award
2022 Dakshesh Parikh 2023 Azad S Najmaldin
2020 2021 David Thomas
2019 Pat Donahoe 2018 Alberto Peña
2017 Paul Tam 2016 Risto Rintala
2015 George Youngson 2014 Samuel Moore
2013 Michael Harrison 2012 Adrian Bianchi
2011 Alistair Millar 2010 Michael Hollwarth
2009 Edward Kiely 2008 John Hutson
2007 Arnold Coran 2006 Prem Puri
2005 David Lloyd 2004 Lewis Spitz
2003 Leela Kapila OBE 2002 Sean Corkery
2001 Edward Howard 2000 Jin-Zhe Zhang
1999 Dan Young 1998 Jay Grosfeld
1997 John Atwell 1996 Durham Smith
1995 J A Haller Jr 1994 J C Molenaar
1993 R K Gandhi 1992 J Lister
1991 W H Hendren 1990 J E S Scott
1989 B O’Donnell 1988 M M Ravitch
1987 O Knutrud 1986 M Kasai
1985 R N Howard 1984 H W Clatworthy
1983 S L Gans 1982 H H Nixon
1981 A W Wilkinson 1980 J H Louw
1979 O Swenson 1978 F Rehbein
1977 R B Zachary 1976 F D Stephens
1975 D Innes Williams 1974 Th Ehrenpreis
1973 M Sulamaa 1972 P P Rickham
1971 C E Koop 1970 D J Waterston
1969 M Grob 1968 R E Gross


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