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About the IAC

BAPS’ International Forum promotes and facilitates the international exchange of professional and educational values in paediatric surgery

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) promotes BAPS’ standing internationally and nurtures international relations. Additionally it administers the annual international fellowships generously sponsored by Mr Hugh Greenwood, the overseas BAPS scholarships  and organises the neonatal skills course, again funded by Mr Hugh Greenwood, and on occasion by Johnson & Johnson.

Niyi Ade Ajayi
Niyi Ade-Ajayi


Niyi Ade-Ajayi


Haitham Dagash (Africa)
Anu Paul (South-East Asia)
Eva Coates (Africa)
Varadarajan Kalidasan (South East Asia)
Mohamed Shalaby (Middle East)
Ben Martin (Trainees)


Kokila Lakhoo
George Youngson
Ashish Minocha
Simon Kenny

Richard Stewart


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