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Hugh Greenwood BAPS Paediatric Surgical Traveller

This post will be available to surgeons who wish to travel to a developing country to contribute to the surgical practice of that country in respect of contemporary educational and clinical methods.


The surgical traveller position will be available to surgeons in UK and Ireland within and around 12 months of CCT. Possession of the ICSBE in Paediatric Surgery is obligate. The candidate also needs to be a current BAPS member.

Selection of venue

This venue (s) will be for the applicant to suggest, organise and confirm. There are numerous resources to access and support this linkage but members of the International Affairs Committee are available for advice, as are other members of BAPS.

Duration of appointment

The tenure of the appointment will typically be around six weeks but can be shorter and will not exceed 12 weeks.


The applicant should provide a letter of support from their trainer and program director, as well as confirmation letter of acceptance from the head of the hosting Department.

In the case of trainees in pre-CCT training positions, the OOPE arrangements will prevail and prospective SAC endorsement of the position will be required – find out more here. This is not relevant to Post CCT surgeons but trainees should be aware that this time is generally not counted towards CCT experience. Some deaneries will have specific application forms.

Application Process

Applicants should submit their letter of intent along with the supporting information (see above) to the administrative secretary of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. A contemporary CV should accompany the application. The application will be reviewed by the International Affairs Committee and the Committee.


A sum of up to £3000, to be used at the discretion of the applicant for travelling and accommodation, will be available on confirmation of appointment. For shorter period of travel the amount may be reduced at the discretion of the IAC.

Deadline for applications

Please email the BAPS office if you are interested in this award

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected by the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate interest in global health
  2. Candidate’s choice of country for fellowship.
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