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Speciality Advisory Committee (SAC) in Paediatric Surgery

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Chair: Mark Powis
The SAC in Paediatric Surgery is a committee that works within the JCST to oversee aspects of Paediatric Surgical Training in conjunction with the BAPS and HEE (TPDs). There are 10 members of the committee, together with representatives from BAPS, BAPU and trainees. The members are consultants with experience of training usually at or above TPD level. The Chair of the Paediatric Surgical Exam board is an ex-officio member of the committee.

The SAC determines the curriculum in Paediatric Surgery (found on ISCP website), quality assures centre and consortium training, provides externality through the Liaison Members (LMs) to the ARCP process and perhaps most importantly for trainees assesses and recommends the award of the CCT in Paediatric Surgery. Criteria and checklists for this can be found on the JCST website. The SAC oversees the National Selection process for StRs together with the Lead Deanery (Yorkshire and Humber HEE) and are in the process or organising a “Boot-camp” for all new appointments in 2017.