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National Clinical Impact Awards

The ACCIA scheme rewards individual surgeons who achieve over and above the standard expected of a consultant in their post. Find out how BAPS can support your application.

Advisory Committee on National Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) (Previously ACCEA)

The new system

After a good deal of scrutiny, the system of awards has changed! The application process has been slimmed down and you can find the new guidance here.

The deadline for new applications is 5pm on 22nd June 2022. 


BAPS remains an NNO (National Nominating Organisation).

Things to take into account when approaching an NNO for support:

  • you can enter up to 2 NNOs but only one can support you, so if you enter 2 you’ll need to remove one before you submit your application
  • you still need to approach the NNOs you specify to ask for their support through their process
  • NNOs can enter the details of their support after you submit your application – you don’t need their input as part of your application
  • NNOs cannot access applications which don’t include a request for support, so as well as asking an NNO directly, you must include a request in your application