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A Core Outcome Set for the treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis in children

To UK Specialist Paediatric Surgeons and General Surgeons who treat children with appendicitis





We are part of a research group investigating the treatment of appendicitis in children and in particular the role of non-operative treatment of appendicitis. As part of our work we will be developing a core outcome set for the treatment of appendicitis in children.

What is a core outcome set?

A problem in research is that different studies measure different outcomes. This can make it hard to compare studies with one another, and impossible to combine results using meta-analysis. Another problem is that outcomes reported in a study are sometimes not considered that important or meaningful to people who make treatment decisions, to patients or to carers. To resolve these problems, a core outcome set (COS) can be created. A COS is a short list of outcomes which should then be measured and reported in all research in a specific clinical area. It could be used in clinical audit too. Researchers would not be limited to measuring just these outcomes, they could also measure other things they are particularly interested in. However, the idea is that all studies would always measure the outcomes in COS.

How can I help?

In short, we need your views! We want to make sure that the outcomes included in the COS are important, meaningful and useful to people involved in making treatment decisions – i.e. you! We will also be asking parents of children who have had appendicitis and some young people who have had appendicitis as well.

How will we create the COS?

We will run something called a Delphi process to help us reach agreement on outcomes to be included. We will ask you to give your views in 3 short online questionnaires.

What does it involve?

  • On-line registration (2 minutes – no commitment by registering)
  • On line questionnaire (10 minutes x3, over 6 months)
  • Optional face-to-face meeting (summer 2018) to finalise COS: expenses paid

What is in it for me?

By giving us your views, you will be helping to improve research in this field. It’s also an opportunity to have your say on the way future research in this field is designed. All surgeons who complete all 3 questionnaires will be acknowledged in any publication arising from this project, something that can be useful for appraisals etc.

I’m interested, how do I register?

Simply follow this link: There is no commitment at this stage.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions you’d like to ask before registering please email us:

Nigel J Hall
Nigel J Hall
Simon Eaton
Simon Eaton
Fran Sharratt
Fran Sherratt
Erin Walker
Erin Walker
Ben Allin
Ben Allin

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