Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research

About the Research Committee


  • Paul Johnson (Oxford) – Chairperson
  • Mark Davenport (King’s College Hospital, London)
  • Paolo De Coppi (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health)
  • Mr Michael Stanton (Southampton)
  • Miss Anna-May Long (Cambridge)
  • Mr Nigel Hall (Southampton)
  • Mr Nick Lansdale (Manchester)
  • Mr George Bethell (Trainee Rep)







Nigel J Hall
Nick Lansdale





Junior Representatives

Rachel HarwoodHannah Rhodes
  • Ms Hannah Rhodes
  • Ms Rachel Harwood





The roles of the Research Committee are:

      • organisation of the Annual Congress including the abstract selection, programming and planning.
      • selection of BAPS/RCS Fellowship(s)
      • to advise on the design of surveys etc. to be sent to the membership
      • to advise on other research-related matters as appropriate.

Guidelines for surveys to be sent to the BAPS Membership

We try not to overburden the BAPS membership with poorly designed surveys so oversee any before distribution. This process is overseen by Mr Mike Stanton and Prof. Paul Johnson. We request that the results of all surveys  are distributed back to the membership – either on the website or as of an abstract submission to the annual congress.


To contact the Research Committee please email [email protected].

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