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Hazlina Mohd Khalid

Scholarship: Lister Travelling Scholarship 2014


Biography: Nominated for the 2014 BAPS Scholarship during 10th ASPS(Asean Society of Paediatric Surgeon) in Singapore to attend 61st Annual Meeting for BAPS Conference in Edinburgh, July 2014.

Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation to the BAPS Committee for providing this scholar to the paediatric surgeon practising in the developing countries to attend their annual meeting.

International Forum Session which allow me to meet with scholars from other countries was acts as a platform for us to share idea, experience and approach in patient management and paediatric surgery training programme in the different perspective individually. It was beneficial since then  I have been involved in paediatric surgery postgraduate(master) training programme as clinical instructor and was appointed by University Malaysia Sabah as invited lecturer for undergraduate medical students education and training programme.

This annual event  which brings together many paediatric surgeons across United Kingdom and other part of the world which known their great clinical contribution to this field had inspired me to get involve in many more international conference. The paper presentation session was very informative as it draws attention to the variety of cases with different aspect of management.

I owe thanks to Profesor David Drake; former president of BAPS and senior consultant paediatric surgeon Evelina Children Hospital  for the opportunity to visit new Children Hospital. This great experience was enlightening as it draws an idea and guideline for ideal teamwork interdepartmental  and networking system in  the working hospital environment with the aim of providing good standard service to the patient and ultimately to improve patient care.

I have sincerely believe that BAPS scholarship has given advantage and benefit to many junior paediatric surgeon and trainee all over the world especially from developing countries to persue their career in this field.

Since January 2017, I have been the Senior Paediatric Surgeon at Sabah Women’s and Children’s Hospital, assisted by two colleagues.


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