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Nyo Nyo Win

Scholarship: 2013 BAPS Travelling Scholarship

Current Position: Associate Professor/ Senior Consultant Pediatric Surgeon, Yankin Children’s Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar.


I was selected as a BAPS fellow for the 2013 BAPS Conference, by the ASEAN Society of Pediatric Surgeons, but unfortunately I could not go at that year and the committee kindly gave me a second chance the following year. Without this fellowship programme, I wouldn’t be able to attend the conference because it is too expensive for me. It is very beneficial for me as I can learn what other surgeons are doing and also make new friends around the world. I am now working as a Senior Consultant Paediatric Surgeon/ Associate Professor at Yankin Children’s Hospital in Yangon, Myanmar.

The chance to attend the BAPS Conference in combination with IPEG in 2014 was invaluable for me. I learned a lot from the academic section and also from meeting Paediatric Surgeons from around the world. I connected with them, which has been very beneficial for my career. I owe my gratitude to Mr David Drake who brought this grant to our ASEAN Society of Pediatric Surgeons and for helping us throughout our stay in the UK and also to Dr Kokila Lakhoo for her kind help throughout the congress. My sincere thanks also goes to Miss Kate Billington for all the arrangements.

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